Raiders of the Last Parks was created for our kindred spirits that share a love of discovery, good stories, and the beauty of Earth. If you enjoy travel, but maybe need a little inspiration to get out there and do it, check here!

We’re young marine biologists who share a sense of wonder for the world. Unfortunately, being in science makes the effects of climate change abundantly clear, particularly in the marine environment. On average, Earth loses about 200 animal species to extinction EVERY 24 HOURS! Although things are looking up, climate change is still throwing Earth into mayhem. We encourage everyone to reduce, reuses, and recycle! We can’t stand the thought of missing out on the natural wonders of the world, so we’re on a mission to see them all before they’re gone.

We caught the travel bug during the 2012 Semester at Sea Summer Voyage, and have not been able to shake it since. So far we have spent a month living in Jamaica, 4.5 months backpacking through Europe, a year living and working in the Bering Sea, and now we’re winding our way through Southeast Asia.

Check in regularly for updates on our adventure, pictures, videos, and tips!